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  • We needed a last minute carpet cleaning to stage our house to sell. The people at Lucid Cleaning were responsive, accomodating, and very friendly. The service they provided was outstanding. Our carpets look brand new. They're very thorough with their work, and reasonably priced! If you live in the Grand Rapids area and you need cleaning services, do yourself a favor and call Lucid Clean. You will not be disappointed!

    Jacob S.

    Loyal Customer
  • BEST cleaning service EVERRRR!!! I called last minute to see if they could squeeze me in before we had family visiting. They were super accommating, and very friendly! The cleaning job was superb, and she went above and beyond to help me. Also, they use a lot of natural cleaning products, so my house smelled AMAZING!! THANKS AGAIN SO MUCH!! I will be scheduling a regular cleaning with Lucid from now on! You will not be disappointed!

    Angela Stone

    Loyal Customer
  • Excellent service. Fast response from an my initial inquiry to get me a quote and on their schedule. The cleaners that came were very courteous and thorough. Pricing was also reasonable. Thank you.

    Andrew Swift

    Loyal Customer
  • Very professional and responsive with a quick turnaround time. They took precautions to protect the rest of the house while cleaning (wore booties and placed corner guards). Kitchen, restrooms, and carpet looks great!

    Nathan Mihos

    Loyal Customer
Lucid cleaning

At Lucid Cleaning, we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional cleaning services that exceed your expectations. Our commitment to your satisfaction, along with our use of safe and non-toxic products, ensures a clean and healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

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It's time to put your cleaning on autopilot and reclaim your free time.

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